Norman Thomas di Giovanni

Writing Fever

An Introduction to Work in Progress

These pages aim to present and call attention to various book-length projects by Susan Ashe and by myself.

The work here embraces our fiction and non-fiction and one or two ventures in translation. These are all long-range, ongoing projects; some are finished and looking for publishers, others are in different stages of development. Each has one thing in common. Writing fever.

Not a word in these pages was commissioned, not a word dreamed up with an eye to a market, to a trend, or to fashion. We write because of what we want to say and we write the way we want to say it. We write to please ourselves and the good readers we know exist somewhere, everywhere, unserved by the commerce and consumerism that have hijacked book publishing and book distribution.

Serious writing was always a cottage industry. Today, when a factory system dominates book production, the publishers are city men who deal in futures and gamble in predictions. They read your manuscript not for the words fresh on the page before them but for the stale chimera in their brain - another version of what sold well last season.

Meanwhile you, dear readers, judge writing by the truths on the page and not the hype rammed down your throats by the money men.

Onward and upward.

- N T di G

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